The lean philosophy was originally developed by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota to stabilize its own process organization. Today, lean management methods are successfully used worldwide in a wide variety of industries. The core idea of the management philosophy is to optimally coordinate all activities that are necessary for value creation and to avoid superfluous activities in order to provide the customer with added value.

Everyone in our team at vielmo architekten is familiarized with the lean philosophy through joint workshops. We use Lean in our project planning and in our entire office life. Above all, working with BIM is based on the principle of lean management and is closely interwoven with it.
In our planning processes, the Last Planner® system (LPS) is used. The core of the LPS is the 6-week preview. In dieser werden die einzelnen Aktivitäten eines jeden Planers des jeweiligen Projektteams auf Tagesbasis geplant und projektrelevante Meilensteine gesetzt. Through regular evaluation, direct exchange and feedback, barriers to success can be removed immediately. Within the entire planning process, it is possible to react quickly and agilely. Decisions are made and supported by the entire planning team.