vielmo architekten gmbh – ap plan gmbh

1977 ap plan mory osterwalder vielmo gmbh is founded in Stuttgart. 1997 the location Berlin is opened. In 2003, Jul Vielmo becomes managing partner in the second generation alongside Hasso Mory. 2010 – 2019 Jul Vielmo is the sole managing partner. He is the design author of all ap plan gmbh projects since 2003. In 2019 Dorothee Kurz joins the company as managing partner.

In 2014, vielmo architekten gmbh is founded with headquarters in Berlin and Stuttgart. Jul Vielmo is the sole managing majority shareholder. Further shareholders in the company are Matthias and Florian Kohlbecker. All employees, equipment and fixed assets of ap plan gmbh have been transferred to vielmo architekten gmbh.

2019 ap plan gmbh is renamed vielmo consulting & mediation gmbh with Dorothee Kurz and Julian Vielmo as managing partners.